KR Models updates on 'Shay' and logging car projects

22 December 2022
Manufacturer shares photographs highlighting progress on forthcoming models for HO scale, despite production delays.

KR Models has updated customers with photographs showing pre-production samples of two of its model projects – the generic 50T two-truck 'Shay', and logging car, both for 1:87 scale.

Citing a global shortage of semi-conductors, leading to supply chain issues, the manufacturer has revised its delivery dates of its Shay to Q2, 2023. The manufacturer added, "We have had a few delays with some of our products. Mainly due to electronic parts. There is still a global shortage of semi-conductors which is affecting a lot of companies. Therefore we have not escaped this issue. Plus there have been lockdowns around our factories and this has also contributed to the delays in shipping the Shay and logging cars. This is still a very fluid situation and we can't give a firm delivery date as yet. We do apologise for this and rest assured as soon as we have more updates we will send these out."

Models of its logging car remain on track for delivery this winter, though these might be subject to revision again, depending on production and shipping variables. Three versions are being manufactured – DCC ready $299 USD, DCC-fitted $339 USD, and DCC sound $449 USD. The Shay locomotive was the most widely-used geared steam locomotive and these were built to the patents of Ephraim Shay, credited with the popularisation of the concept of a geared steam locomotive. 

KR models said that models were almost production ready, adding, "As you can see from the decorated sample, the process is nearly complete. The order book will be closing soon. Demand has been very strong for this model. We suggest that if you haven't reserved your order then you should do it very soon."

Logging car

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KR Models Logging Car Ho scale

Decorated samples of its generic-outline logging cars for HO have also been shown, being manufactured with no load, three, or six logs. Models are priced at $60.00 for the skeletal car, $75.00 for the skeletal car and three logs, and $75.00 for the skeletal truck and six logs. Delivery is expected this winter, but again is subject to change.

The manufacturer said, "The detail is beautiful and [they] run so smoothly. The logs look like real logs, but are made from resin."

NMRA 'conformity'

Meanwhile, KR Models has reported that its Shay and logging car models have "received full conformity" from the NMRA, during its  National Train Show in St. Louis, MO. The maker said, "We will continue to bring very high standards that are key to our success, you demand it and we deliver."

Further details, pricing and availability on the above models can be found on the KR Models website.


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