KR Models announce a new GWR 'Mica B' Refrigerated Meat Van

18 March 2023
Available very soon, this OO model will appeal to anyone modelling both "Big Four" and early British Rail periods.

'MICA B', the telegraphic code 'MICA' designates a Refrigerated Meat Van of which 'B' is the ventilated variant.

The ventilated vans were mainly used to transport chilled beef carcases from ports such as Birkenhead to Smithfield and other markets.  It is fitted with internal tanks for solid CO2, and trap doors on top of the roof for loading the dry ice. Meat hooks were fitted. 

Built between 1923 – 1926, 149 were produced based on the X8 diagram.   

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CAD’s are completed and KR Models plan to go straight into tooling.

Available as a single van, or a three-pack, six running numbers will be produced in OO gauge.

Van 1    105873 (preserved at Severn Valley Railway)
Van 2    105852
Van 3    105901
Van 4    105860 (preserved at Didcot)
Van 5    105923
Van 6    105966
Pack A    105873, 105852 & 105901
Pack B    105860, 105923 & 105966

KR Models would like to thank the Severn Valley Railway for their support with this project.


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