KMS Railtech scopes interest for 47/7 in O

18 June 2020
The digital model railway specialist shop, located in Aberdeenshire hopes to bring 7mm:1ft models of the Class 47/7 to market.

KMS Railtech is seeking interest from enthusiasts for an exclusive run of Class 47/7s in 7mm:1ft scale. Hoping to add its variants to Heljan's run of Class 47s expected to arrive later this year, the retailer has opened a page of interest on its website.

"We would like to offer you the chance to give us your note of interest and also any other information. We have a list of 47/7s that would be possible to produce with this tooling," the retailer has stated.

Its suggested tooling would differ from Heljan's main batch of locomotives, to include a new body to allow TDM cables, a new long range fuel tank and after cooler pipework. The full list of locomotive numbers can be found on its website. Proposed liveries include large logo blue, ScotRail blue stripe, Network SouthEast revised, RES, Parcels Red, Waterman Railways, Fragonset and Pullman Blue. KMS Railtech has explained that models will only be made if demand is met, with an RRP anticipated to be £699.

Class 47705 Guy Fawkes Waterman Railways

47705 Guy Fawkes in Waterman Railways colours on August 28, 1995 at Crewe Basford Hall yard open day. TS/HS COLLECTION

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In other news, the retailer has hinted at a production run of Mk.3 coaches in the same scale. "We know that some of these models would really be suited to some nice new passenger rolling stock. We are looking to produce our MK3s as soon as possible. More information on this will be released shortly", said KMS Railtech.

12 Class 47/7s were converted from Class 47/4s for Glasgow to Edinburgh push-pull services, between 1979 and 1980, replacing Class 27s. A further four would be added to the roster in 1985 for Glasgow-Aberdeen services. 47717 would be added in 1988, using salvaged components from fire-damaged 47713. 

For more information on the proposed new models, visit its website.

Main image: 47707 at Haymarket on June 5, 1982. PHIL RICHARDS


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