KMS Railtech announce new line of O Gauge models

24 February 2020
The Scottish firm is aiming to bring a range of new 'modern' O gauge products to market.

The following models have been announced:

  • Class 43 (HST) Power Cars
  • Mk3 HST coaches
  • Mk3 Loco-haul coaches
  • Mk3 Sleeper coaches
  • Mk2 D / E / F coaches
  • M2F DBSO

KMS Railtech is working with a manufacturer to bring these models to market, however, it will only give the model the green light into production if there is enough demand. Liveries are currently unconfirmed and the firm is encouraging customers to get in touch with any feedback.

The team is also inviting people to register serious ‘Notes of Interest’ via its website, where you can select the models and liveries you are interested in. You will be expected to pay a small deposit, which will be fully refunded if the project does not go ahead. 

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Another option is to email [email protected] with details of the products you are interested in. You will not have to pay a deposit, but it will not register as a committed purchase, and therefore will not impact the decision to go ahead with production.  


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