KMRC to receive 'Co-Bo' model exclusive

10 May 2022
The Kernow Model Rail Centre reveals an exclusive N gauge Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 Co-Bo Class 28, to be produced by Rapido Trains UK.

Kernow Model Rail Centre (KMRC) has revealed plans for an exclusive detailed model in 2mm:1ft scale / N gauge of the Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 Co-Bo Class 28. Two versions of the models are being produced for KMRC by Rapido Trains UK.

Models are to be based on the locomotive in its post-1961 flat screen condition, with a wealth of separately-fitted parts and details such as handrails and headcode discs, in either open or closed position. The livery is BR green with small yellow warning panels featuring small radius corners. Models are to feature directional lighting, too. DCC decoder fitting is via a Next18 DCC socket, while a DCC sound-fitted version is also to be made available. The following variants are to be manufactured:

  • (905009) Rapido Class 28 D5702 BR green with small yellow panel
  • (905509) Rapido Class 28 D5702 BR green with small yellow panel DCC (sound-fitted)

Watch a video of the newly-designed model by Rapido Trains, below:

Graham Muspratt, Development Manager said: “Adding to our growing range of N gauge KMRC Exclusives in partnership with Rapido Trains UK, we are filling the gap in the range with D5702, and with its Rev W Awdry connection, we hope it will be a popular choice.”

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The ‘Co-Bos’ also known as ‘Metrovicks’ or ‘Crossleys’ were a Class of 20 locomotives built in 1958/9 by Metropolitan Vickers. They incorporated several unusual features. The Crossley diesel engine was a two-stroke, and locomotives had an unusual Co-Bo wheel arrangement of five driving axles (three at the No. 1 end and two at the No. 2 end). Wrap around windows were also fitted to the driver’s cabs.

Originally, all 20 were allocated to the BR’s London Midland Region. However, the Crossley engines were problematic with regular failures and unacceptable levels of exhaust fumes. They suffered from excess vibration, and this, combined with poor design, resulted in the drivers’ windows working loose. By 1961, the locomotives were returned to Metropolitan Vickers for remedial work, which included the change to flat cab windows.

Although locomotives were allocated as Class 28 under TOPS, they never carried these numbers, and were withdrawn from service between 1967 and 1968. One locomotive, D5705, survives and is preserved at the East Lancashire Railway in Bury.

D5702 as chosen by KMRC was immortalised by the Rev W Awdry in his 1966 Thomas the Tank Engine series book No. 21 Main line Engines as BoCo and made further appearances in later books by Christopher Awdry such as book 28 James and Diesel Engines and book 31 Gordon the High-Speed Engine.


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