KMRC: Exclusives arrive for 'OO', 'O' and 'OO9'

02 June 2023
Bachmann Class 37 duo, L&B locomotive shed and coaling stage, plus Dapol mineral wagon revealed, and in stock with retailer.

Kernow Model Rail Centre has shared imagery of new model arrivals, exclusive to the retailer. In stock with the retailer, and announced today are the following models:

4mm:1ft scale

Bachmann Class 37/0 37 207 William Cookworthy in BR blue with Cornish Railways branding.

KMRC Bachmann Class 37207


First working in South Wales 37207 was allocated to Laira in October 1981 and named William Cookworthy on May 27, 1982 at St. Austell station, this was to celebrate the locomotive's connection with the china clay industry, and to commemorate the man who founded the Cornish china clay movement, which is now over two hundred and fifty years old.


William Cookworthy was the first to recognise that the twin ingredients of Chinese porcelain, (kaolin for the body and petuntse for the glaze) were to be found in Cornwall in the china clay and moorstone. By 1758 his porcelain making experiments had resulted in successful firing of clay and a patent for the process.


37207 carried the name and, in the condition, with OHLE warning labels, as depicted by this KMRC Exclusive model from early 1986 until July 1987.

The versions available now are as below:

  • 35-302Z Bachmann Class 37/0 Diesel 37207 William Cookworthy BR blue. DCC ready £249.95
  • 35-302ZASF Bachmann Class 37/0 Diesel 37207 William Cookworthy BR blue. DCC sound-fitted £349.95
  • 35-302ZSFX Bachmann Class 37/0 Diesel 37207 William Cookworthy BR blue. DCC sound-fitted deluxe £379.95

Bachmann Class 37/0 37196 Tre Pol and Pen in BR Railfrieght grey.

KMRC Bachmann Class 37196


The versions available now are as below:

  • 35-305Z Bachmann Class 37/0 Diesel 37196 Tre Pol Pen in BR Railfreight grey livery. DCC ready £249.95
  • 35-305ZASF Bachmann Class 37/0 Diesel 37196 Tre Pol Pen in BR Railfreight grey livery. DCC sound-fitted £349.95
  • 35-305ZSFX Bachmann Class 37/0 Diesel 37196 Tre Pol Pen in BR Railfreight grey livery. DCC sound-fitted deluxe £379.95

On February 11, 1985, 37196 was transferred to Laira and was subsequently named Tre Pol and Pen at Truro on July 16, 1985 by the Chairman of Cornwall County Council. 37196 was the first Class 37 to be painted into the new Railfreight Grey livery, which had first been applied to the new Class 58s. The naming ceremony was one of a number which were carried out in 1985 as part of the GW150 Celebrations and the locomotive carried a small plaque to commemorate this.

The name comes from an old Cornish rhyme: “By Tre, Pol and Pen, Shall ye know all Cornishmen”. The words mean homestead, pool and hill and are used to describe people from or places in Cornwall. 37196 carried the name and, in the condition as depicted by this KMRC Exclusive model, until May 2, 1987 and was transferred to Cardiff on July 5, 1987.


Scenecraft Lynton and Barnstaple Railway OO9 Lynton Engine Shed and Coaling stage.

KMRC Bachmann Scenecraft L&B locomotive and coaling stage

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The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway (L&B) first opened as an independent railway in May, 1898. The Lynton engine shed was first built with the opening of the line but was altered in 1909 with the shed eves altered, doors widened and also extended. The increased length enabled it to accommodate a full-length L&B coach. The shed's side had wooden battens fitted and from 1908 enamel signs were secured to them.

The Lynton concrete coaling stage platform was built to the south of the engine in approximately 1924.


The KMRC Exclusive Scenecraft Lynton Engine shed and complementary Coal Stage (available separately) have been produced by Bachmann. The Lynton Engine Shed is modelled in its in its post-1909 condition complete with separately fitted opening doors and a selection of enamel advertising signs on the side.


Models exclusive to the retailer and available now:

  • 44-096Z Bachmann Scenecraft Lynton Engine Shed £54.99
  • 44-048Z Bachmann Scenecraft Lynton Coaling Stage £9.99


7mm:1ft scale



1902 RCH seven plank open wagon in the livery of Dorking coal and coke merchants T.Meakins & Son.

Dapol KMRC RCH 1902 wagon

Located in Dorking at 60 High Street, T. Meakins and Son were a coal and coke merchant, established in the late 1870s bringing coal and coke to the town primarily via the London and Brighton & South Coast (later Dorking North) station yard but also the South Eastern Railway (later Dorking Town) station yard.

During 1899 and 1900 eight 10T seven-plank private owner wagons, in two batches of four, were ordered on the Gloucester Wagon & Carriage Co. Ltd, numbered 1 to 8, in black with white lettering.

The KMRC exclusive model is based on Dapol's RCH 1887 specification wagon and features a 9ft die-cast chassis.


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