Kato rectifies Class 800 seating problem

01 June 2021
The manufacturer issues a replacement interior to substitute those fitted in error to its first production run of British-prototype models.

Kato's Class 800 (IEP) train packs have arrived with stockists. Following early feedback of the first batch of GWR Class 800s, it was noted that the interior seating configuration was incorrect for Coach 4 (814021) in the set.

First Class features 2+1 seating with tables, while Standard Class is a mix of 2+2 and airline-style seating. Tooling has been modified to ensure the seat configuration in Coach 4 is prototypical for future releases. The issue only affects the first 1,000 models of the first production run of GWR-liveried Class 800s. Subsequent GWR Class 800s and all LNER examples will feature the newly-tooled correct interior configuration for Coach 4 (814021). 

Gaugemaster Class 800

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Stuart Jordan, Marketing Manager for Gaugemaster which is stocking exclusive train set versions of the model with a powerpack and track commented, "We appreciate that this is unwelcome news and also the irony of the situation given the recent issues with the real life version. We are receiving an appropriate number of modified interiors in June, and will advise customers when these have been received." 

Those who purchased a GWR set from its first batch, have three options:


  • Contact Gaugemaster with proof of purchase. A new interior will be supplied free of charge to be fitted by the customer. Instructions are to be provided including a 'How To' video.
  • Visit the dealer from whom you purchased the item, who will undertake the work themselves, or return it to Gaugemaster who will install the updated interior on their behalf and return it to them.
  • Send the coach directly to Gaugemaster for it to be replaced, with a covering letter and a return address.

Stuart added, "As a purely cosmetic issue, this could probably could have flown under the radar. However, we felt it right to highlight what has happened and to offer a solution as soon as we had one. Kato's absolute commitment to quality is such that the decision was taken not to accept this sort of compromise on a project that all parties have invested a considerable amount of energy into."


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