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30 November 2022
Laser-cut 4mm:1ft scale range of warehouses and building accessories now offered in 7mm:1ft scale, by customer demand.

JSModels says it has made a "significant expansion" to its 7mm:1ft scale / O gauge range. Following customer requests, many of its 4mm:1ft scale kits are now available in 7mm:1ft scale either as standard kits from stock, or as special order items.

Jonathan Scott, proprietor of JS Models said, "These 7mm:1ft scale kits have all the great features of our 4mm:1ft scale kits, plus the addition of guttering & corbels on the Canal Warehouse kits."

Items not readily stocked are cut to order, with a lead time of around four weeks, subject to workload. Cut to order items are too large to send via post, but can be sent by carrier or collected from exhibitions by prior arrangement.

JS Models warehouse kit

 02 series kits (7mm:1ft scale)

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  • (JSM70202B) ‘Low-Relief Warehouse’ (brick) £70 cut to order
  • (JSM70202S) ‘Low-Relief Warehouse’ (stone) £65 cut to order
  • (JSM70212B) ‘Low-Relief Factory Back’ (brick) £65 cut to order
  • (JSM70212S) ‘Low-Relief Factory Back’ (stone) £60 cut to order
  • (JSM70222B) ‘Extra-Low-Relief Factory Back’ (brick) £45 cut to order
  • (JSM70222S) ‘Extra Low-Relief Factory Back’ (stone) £40 cut to order

Its Waterside kits, in 4mm or 7mm:1ft scales, can be ordered in a brick finish, too, upon request. The range is as follows:

Waterside series kits (7mm:1ft scale)

  • (JSM70313S) ‘Canal Warehouse Front’ £75 cut to order
  • (JSM70323S) ‘Canal Warehouse Back 1’ £65 cut to order
  • (JSM70333S) ‘Canal Warehouse Back 2’ £65 cut to order
  • (JSM70343S) ‘Canal Warehouse End 1’ (was JSM743) £45 from stock
  • (JSM70353S) ‘Canal Warehouse End 2’ (was JSM753) £45 from stock
  • (JSM70399S) ‘Canal Warehouse (Full Building)’ £190 cut to order
  • (JSM70311S) ‘Small Chimney’ £20 from stock
  • (JSM70361S) ‘Pump / Boiler House’ £60 from stock

Further details can be found on the JS Models website.

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