J94 model launched in 5in gauge

02 February 2022
Maxitrak selects the 0-6-0ST as its next locomotive in the outdoor scale, available as a painted kit, or ready-to-run.

Garden railway specialists, Maxitrak has partnered with Accucraft and Aster, to introduce a J94 'Austerity' 0-6-0ST locomotive in 5in gauge. Weighing 36kg without water or fuel, measuring 812mm in length, 327mm in height and 224mm in width, the locomotive has presence. Extensive use is said to have been made of stainless steel and bronze during construction of the locomotive. 

Said to be "capable of pulling four to six adults and negotiating curves down to 8ft radius", it will be the latest in a series of 0-6-0 designs built by the company over the last decade to a proven design. Models are to be made ready-to-run, or as a painted kit with silver-soldered or copper TIG-welded boiler.

The TIG-welded boilers are unique to Maxitrak and are said to represent the strongest boiler that can be produced using modern techniques. Both TIG-welded and silver-soldered boilers are CE certified and tested in the UK.

Maxitrak Austerity 0-6-0ST

Images shown highlight the finesse of components used in the making of models.

During the Second World War, the British army had a need for a small tank locomotive and chose an update of a standard Hunslet industrial locomotive. The powerful short-wheelbase 0-6-0STs were well-suited to the task in hand, able to deal with heavy trains on rough or steeply-curved track.

0-6-0ST Austerity

The inside valvegear of the 0-6-0 leaves a clutter-free exterior, bar coupling rods. Note the small split-pins holding brake levers in-situ.


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chimney austerity 0-6-0ST

Paint-finish on this sample looks exquisite, with lining sharp and offering a good contrast against the crimson paint.


Maxitrack is able to provide after-sales customer support with all spares made-to-order, if required. Liveries can be specified by the customer, too, with an oil-based lining, custom graphics – even a name or shed plates.

Its prototype was tested in August 2021, and was seen hauling passengers up a 1-in-100 gradient:

The manufacturer has credit payment options, with deposits refundable if the customer changes their mind. For full details, pricing and specifications, visit the Maxitrak website.


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