Isinglass Coronation Beavertail carriage breaks cover

01 November 2023
Over a year in development, the new OO kits are available to order directly from the Isinglass website, with deliveries expected within the next four weeks.

As a departure from other kits, 3D-printed glazing is included for the tail and two most rearward windows. The rest of the side windows are rebated to accept clear plastic, matching the rest of the train.
The price is the same as other solo carriages in the range, £52 for the body, floor and bogies, interior £11. You can opt out of the floor and/or bogies if desired. For the interior, you have the choice of either the original or the recently rebuilt carriage, which has a shorter enclosed space plus a bar, making this an ideal model for modern image layouts running preservation stock.

Isinglass will be limiting sales of this kit, to begin with, to get used to the production without interrupting the rest of my range. 
Glue 'n' Glaze is recommended as an excellent adhesive for 3D-printed models. 
Built in 1937, two carriages were constructed for the Coronation train. The carriage was only used in summer and was always at the end of the train being the only carriage rotated at either terminus. The other eight carriages were always kept with carriage A at the south end and H at the North end. Access to the observation car was at a small cost over the normal ticket price. Both carriages (along with the rest of the set) went into storage at the outbreak of war in 1939, never to run as the Coronation Train again. After the war, both carriages were transferred to the West Highland line before being rebuilt (a subject of a future model). Both carriages have survived into preservation, with one restored to its original condition, the other to the rebuilt condition.

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