IRM Is Sucking Diesel As Fuel Oil Tank Wagon Announced in 00!

21 March 2024
Irish Railway Models (IRM) has announced an all-new CIE Fuel Oil tank wagon, based on the standard Bulleid triangulated underframe, as its next Irish outline freight wagon in 00/4mm scale.

Prototype History

With Corás Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) rolling out a series of freight stock throughout the 1950s-1960s based on a standardised triangulated underframe developed by its then-Chief Mechanical Engineer, Oliver Bulleid, attention turned to transportation requirements for the company’s own diesel fuel oil supplies.

A total of 21 tank wagons were constructed at Inchicore during 1956 to augment and replace older types then in use. These tankers, with an 11-ton capacity, were a common sight throughout the network, conveying diesel from the importation point at Dublin Port to locomotive depots of all sizes, as well as occupying sidings at stations to supply CIE’s fleet of road vehicles in those localities. The wagons were frequently transported to and from these locations within mixed goods trains of the time.

These tank wagons provided the backbone for this traffic across three decades, but the move to continuously-braked goods trains and the associated improvement they offered to the safe handling of flammable liquids resulted in them being displaced by vacuum-braked tankers towards the end of the 1970s. It was not quite the end of their story, however, with the tank bodies and main underframe sections going on to find further use installed upon newer vacuum-braked wagons to convey water as part of the CIÉ/Irish Rail weedspray train, remaining in use until the early 2020s.


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The Model

Tooled as part of IRMs Bulleid triangulated underframe project, the CIE fuel oil tanker wagon is the third model of the series, and an essential part of both mixed goods trains of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Perfect for both mixed goods trains, fuel transfer trains, and also any Irish locomotive depot or CIE bus or road haulage depot sidings, IRM’s tooling features a wealth of etched metal and injection moulded plastic construction.

Easily convertible into 21mm gauge and complete with separate brake gear, intricate fuel filler cap detail, brass bearing cups for excellent running capabilities and sprung buffers.

Production delivery is slated for Q3 of 2024 with decorated samples due in the coming months.

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