Innovative modular wall sections from Dexter's Cove

30 July 2020
Adding industrial architecture to your model railway is made easier, thanks to a new range of arch-top windowed brick wall modules.

Model architecture and figure specialist, Dexter's Cove has revealed a new selection of industrial wall sections with arch top windows, ideal for creating low-relief warehouses, locomotive sheds, or multi-storey warehouses. Supplied as a flat wall or with recessed window panels for variety, the modular lengths have five windows and measure 267mm x 75mm.

dexters cove modular industrial wall


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dexters cove modular industrial wall


The range also has clever features, such as the ability to create custom lengths, in 55mm increments, and longer sections can be produced with inter-locking ends. The number of windows can be customised too, and optional door openings can be substituted for windows. For current pricing and availability, visit the Dexter's Cove website.



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