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17 August 2023
Look out for these new items, arriving soon at your local model shop for 'N' and 'OO'.


Peco OO9 bug boxes

Continuing its development of the Ffestiniog Railway four-wheel 'bug box' modular narrow gauge rolling stock for OO9, three new arrivals this month see (GR-557A) Col. Stephens livery, no. 3, (GR-557B) Col. Stephens livery, no. 4, and (GR-562) Col. Stephens livery, Zoo car, with suggested retail prices of £35.75, each. 

The Colonel Stephens livery refers to the period when the 'light railway baron' had control of the FR, between 1923 and 1931.

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Peco curves points SL-U77 SL-U76

Adapted from the existing PECO Setrack Curved turnout for OO/HO, this new tighter radius turnout for Streamline users saves space. This turnout has been derived from the existing Setrack curved turnout, the geometry departs from the common frog angle adopted by the Streamline system (based on a common frog angle of 12 degrees) – this turnout has a 11.25 degree frog angle and the inner radius is 438mm, or 17.2 inches. The standard Streamline curved turnout has a minimum inside radius of 762mm, 30 inches. SRP: £25.95, each.


Ratio 281 Modern Palisade fencing

N gauge modellers will be glad to see this new fencing, representing the modern style of security fencing now so common alongside the railway. The real thing is produced from galvanized steel with sharp spike ends to each post to deter intruders. Peco's scaled down version is far less dangerous, but captures the look of this fencing, being a useful addition to many contemporary N gauge layouts. SRP is £8.50.

See your local Peco stockist for more details and information on the above products.


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