In images: your modelling tool creations

08 August 2023
Need a specific tool for a job that either doesn't exist, or can be made for less? Here's what you've made...

We asked our social media followers for their modelling tool creations – items made that perform a specific task or that make a modelling task easier.

Model Holding device compil

Tony Wright's spray holding device, made for him by a friend. Bent from thin steel, wrapped in scouring pad off-cuts at the ends, they are kept apart by a spring, retained by a nut and bolt. Outer pressure on bodyshells is enough to keep hands at a distance when spray painting, allowing models to be rotated for a more even finish.


Home made spray booth

A home-made spray booth, anyone? One of our followers send this image of his large custom workshop spray booth. 

Spray booth 2

Sitting on a modelling bench, the unit also has twin motorised extractor fans, powered by a speed controller. A filter has been added to the back of the unit, too! 


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Jigs are often useful for making repetitive components accurately. This jig was made by a follower for cutlevers on American freight cars.

box cars jig uncoupling tool

"Yes, that's right American. Please feel free to delete as inappropriate. 😃" he commented. It's OK – we enjoy looking at model-making from around the world on World of Railways!


fret jig model tool

"I have made my own bench pin which has been handy for cutting sheet metal like brass", said the creator of this small ply-cut item. Often used by jewellers, it offers support for a fret saw, needle files, and many other tools when cutting into sheet material.

Have you created a model tool of your own, or adapted a tool for a specific purpose? Let us know in the comments, below.


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