In images: models of 'Flying Scotsman'

24 February 2023
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of this famous steam locomotive, we look back at a selection of the many models made over the years.

The centenary of Flying Scotsman is being celebrated today. With a programme of events planned by the National Railway Museum, we look at how the interesting history of this famous locomotive has inspired enthusiasts and model manufacturers to create miniatures through our image archive: 

Hornby Flying Scotsman

Sporting the seldom-seen wartime black livery on a model is Hornby's NE No. 103. The manufacturer has a new suite of models for release this year, with tooling modifications to depict the locomotive at significant points throughout its life.

Wills Flying Scotsman 

'Let loose' on Tony Wright's 'Little Bytham' layout, is this kit-built iteration of the famous locomotive. The Wills kit has been finished in late-BR guise and carries express passenger lamps – Tony wouldn't have it any other way!

DJH Flying Scotsman

Peering between buildings is this DJH kit-built model of the locomotive depicting it as an A1 Class.

DJH Flying Scotsman

The same kit, this time built to EM gauge and in A3 guise, speeds through 'Retford', at the head of a healthy rake of coaches.

Bassett Lowke Flying Scotsman

Ahead of production for O gauge, Bassett Lowke produced this proving model. Seen here minus its livery, the design style is heavily influenced by the halcyon days of tinplate models.

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Bassett Lowke

A sample from the production run of the above, this time, with additional water-carrying tender. The decoration quality of these models was well-received.

sunset models A3 locomotive

For O gauge, this museum-quality creation from Californian-based manufacturer, Sunset Models was a firm favourite with collectors. 

Ace Trains O gauge locomotive

For the enthusiast of this famous locomotive seeking something a little more robust for 'thrashing at speed' around a tail-chasing layout, this iteration of the A3 locomotive from Ace Trains was  more suited to the task.

Hattons A3 locomotive

Most-recently, Hattons Model Railways created an exclusive range of the locomotive Class, an example of which is seen here, carrying LNER apple green. 

Find more images of models of Flying Scotsman in model form via World of Railways Plus. Simply head to your dashboard, select 'Archive' and search for '4472', '103' or 'flying scotsman'.


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