In images: Hornby P2 'Prince of Wales'

17 August 2023
For the collector, modeller of the 21st century railway, or fan of new-build steam, here's a new arrival with envious looks...

As the story of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust’s new-build main line steam P2 Class locomotive, No. 2007 Prince of Wales continues, what’s to come can be enjoyed in model form now from Hornby (R3983) – RRP: £254.49. Here's what we love about this new model:

Hornby P2 Prince of Wales

For reasons of costs and compatibility, No. 2007's boiler is to sit around 2in lower than that of the original class, sharing the same type as that fitted to A1 Class 4-6-2 60163 Tornado, with an extension coupler between it, and the smokebox. For obvious reasons, Hornby's tooling remains unchanged, though the new identity remains obvious on the smoke deflectors. Note the double chimney, too.

Hornby P2 Prince of Wales

The cab backhead detail is impressive – sight glasses, valves, gauges and copper pipes are wonderfully individually-painted. Cab glazing is discreet, too. The etched hinged fall plate enhances the visible appearance too, being quite obvious when viewed from above.

Hornby P2 Prince of Wales

A sneaky trick – eccentrics for the Lentz rotary valve gear and speedo drive don't connect to the injection-moulded plastic valve gear, but are hidden behind. Convincing, and reliable.

Hornby P2 Prince of Wales

The coal load on our sample was a little loose, no so that it detached, but rather floated. Easily fixed, but one for the more adventurous modeller to cover with a real coal load, anyway. Hornby's rendition of coal on models has come a long way in the past decade, this being among the best representation we've seen in plastic of the combustible.

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Hornby P2 Prince of Wales

Plug and play – a push-fit locomotive-tender connection makes for quick setup, without turning the locomotive on its side and fiddle with pins. Note tender gauges, too!

Hornby P2 Prince of Wales

At your service (though sitting on the job) – a driver and fireman. Also included in the accessory bag, cylinder drain cocks, cosmetic screw-link couplings, guard irons, front steps, brake linkages, a flanged trailing truck wheelset, etched nameplates and a tension-lock coupling, too. For generous layout curves, fit the lot,, but for realism, we'd dodge the front tension-lock!

All yours for £254.49 RRP. See your local Hornby stockist or the Hornby website for more details.


A very detailed model, benefitting from a push-fit locomotive tender connection. Also provided in the accessory bag are etched nameplates,


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