Hornby shows latest Class 91 CAD images

28 April 2020
In the latest instalment of The Engine Shed, Hornby showed the progress they are making on the new Class 91 locomotive.

A recent visit to the Bounds Green depot in London gave Hornby access to several Class 91s, thanks to an invitation by new owners, Hitachi Rail Europe. 

Although the company have a full set of drawings, these don't always give the whole story and the designers were keep to look at areas which had thrown up questions when working on the CADs. Apparently there are several panels that look like they should be flush, but in fact, overlap each other.

One area of special interest is the pantograph.

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Modelling this complex piece of equipment has been the subject of discussion on RMweb many times and for many different models. The challenge is to produce something that works, but is robust enough for a model and can be produced in a factory.

We look forward to future updates on this model.

More photos over on The Engine Shed.


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