Hornby shares first EPs of Class 91, APT and LMS 'Coronation Scot' coaches

25 September 2020
In an exciting update, the Margate manufacturer presents images of its first engineering prototype samples of three items from its 2020 range of products.

Hornby has presented photographs of first tooling 'shots' for its forthcoming OO gauge Class 91, Advanced Passenger Train (APT) and Stanier 57ft and 65ft 'Coronation Scot' coaches.

Hornby APT

The distinctive nose of the APT emerges for the first time from this all-new tooling, a shape not seen from Hornby since its 1980 iteration of the prototype.

Expected to arrive late-2020 to early-2021, in an update shared via its engine shed blog, the manufacturer has said of its APT: "For first shots they are exceptional. Of course work needs to be carried out on the tooling and as with the Class 91 this does mean closer fitting parts and an increased tightening of the tolerances, but first impressions provide a very positive vibe of things to come."

Hornby APT bogie detail

The prototype is fast taking shape with the first running samples and test shot of five of the vehicles being received at Hornby.

Hornby has made it clear that these first engineering prototypes (EPs) still require tooling changes before production can commence, but is said to be pleased with their initial outcome.

The manufacturer is to produce the APT as a five-car and seven-car pack, with further options to purchase two-coach packs, and a non-driving motor, individually. This allows modellers to represent the train in a 14-car formation as introduced, or 1+9 formation.

Hornby APT NDM

The Non-Driving Motor (NDM) of which two were used in a 14-car formation, one in a 10-car formation.

Another highly-anticipated model, its Class 91 is also progressing well, with these first views of its locomotive:Hornby Class 91

Hornby Class 91

Hornby Class 91

Hornby Class 91

From these first views, bogie and underframe detail looks pleasing, and much finesse to the pantograph. Hornby’s first running sample has recently been received and it has said that first impressions are quite favourable. "There are of course the inevitable tooling modifications required, with some tolerances requiring attention, but in general the first tooling shots of the model are very encouraging as the images show," said Hornby.

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The manufacturer is producing four liveries to have been carried by the East Coast express passenger locomotives, these being:

  • BR, Class 91, Bo-Bo, 91002 Durham Cathedral – Era 8 (R3890)
  • VTEC, Class 91, Bo-Bo, 91111 For the Fallen – Era 10 (R3892)
  • LNER, Class 91, Bo-Bo, 91118 The Fusiliers – Era 11 (R3891)
  • GNER, Class 91, Bo-Bo, 91117 Cancer Research UK – Era 10 (R3893)

Powered by a five pole skew-wound motor, the models are being designed to negotiate second radius curves, with DCC-ready capability.

In addition to the above, Hornby has shared progress with its Stanier LMS 'Coronation Scot' coaches. Images have been posted of its 65ft Restaurant Open First (RFO) and 57ft Brake Composite Third (BTK) and 50ft Kitchen (RK) cars:

Hornby 50ft RK Coronation scot coach

50ft RK 'Coronation Scot' coach (R4963)


Hornby 57ft BTK Coronation Scot coach

57ft BTK 'Coronation Scot' coach (R4960)


Hornby Coronation Scot coaches

65ft RFO 'Coronation Scot' coach (R4964) pictured centre, with the BTK and RK.

For more information on these models, see your local stockist, or visit the Hornby website.

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