Hornby reveals new products for TT:120 range

02 April 2024
We were invited to attend a press preview last month, where Hornby revealed its latest models to join the TT:120 range.

When Hornby announced it would be entering the TT:120 market in October 2022, it was the largest single investment in new tooling by a manufacturer for years, as locomotives, rolling stock, track and accessory range were unveiled.

The new announcements will be welcome news to those modelling in TT:120, as more and more products become available, catering to different eras and locations.

Hornby has built up a strong fan base with its TT:120 club, with around 12,000 members, and we are already seeing new layouts appearing in the scale, including our very own joint project layout with Market Deeping, which had its first exhibition outing in February.

New Hornby J50 Class 

The star of the show has to be the new J50, which is currently at sample stage and will be available initially in three liveries. 

  • TT3024M BR (Early), J50 Class, 0-6-0T, 68983 - Era 4
  • TT3025M LNER, J50 Class, 0-6-0T, 2793 - Era 3
  • TT3026M BR (Late), J50 Class, 0-6-0T, 68965 - Era 5

Featuring all wheel pick-ups and an ABS cab area, this model is also DCC Ready with a 6-pin socket and includes a 3-pole motor.

Expected to arrive in November, the new J50 is priced at £139.99.

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Hornby Inter-City 125 High Speed Train Set – available with Sound

This train set features the following: a Class 43 HST power car numbered E43063, a Class 43 HST dummy car numbered E43062, two Mk.3 TS coaches numbered E42064 and E42065, a transformer, a train controller, a buffer stop, a full curve, a power straight, a standard straight, a 3rd full curve, a left-hand point and a re-railer.

Due to arrive in October, the trainset is priced at £249.99 or £339.99 with sound.

Two new Hornby tank wagons

A pair of tank wagons also join the TT:120 range, a BP/Shell silver-liveried 12T tank wagon, which includes the running number: SM1061, and a 12T tank wagon in eye-catching Benzol & By-Products Limited livery.

Also expected to be delivered in November 2024, priced at £25.99 each.

Hornby TOUAX, Sffgmss IFA Wagons

The TOUAX Sffgmss IFA wagon will be available in three liveries for the load;

  • TT6025 TOUAX, Sffgmss IFA Wagon with 45' Container 'DFDS' - Era 11
  • TT6026 TOUAX, Sffgmss IFA Wagon with 45' Container 'Hapag-Lloyd' - Era 11
  • TT6027 TOUAX, Sffgmss IFA Wagon with 45' Container 'HANJIN' - Era 11

With a chassis made of die-cast metal, this sturdy wagon would be ideally coupled with a Hornby TT:120 Class 66 locomotive. The model also features close coupler mechanisms and detailed wheel sets with low flanges. 

Expected in October 2024, the new wagons are priced at £47.99 each.

Hornby Pullman 1st Class Kitchen Coaches

The Pullman Car Company took rail travel to the next level of opulence at a time when rail travel was already a premium experience. There are two new Pullman cars available, both painted in the classic Pullman umber and cream livery, with either Medusa or Iolanthe names. Curtains are printed on the inside of the windows, plus an opulent crest is emblazoned on the body side.

Expected to arrive in November, the coaches are priced at £53.99 each.

New 2024 TT:120 accessories

TT8044 Level Crossing – available in September
TT8045 Home Signal – available in October
TT8046 Distant Signal – available in October
TT8047 Junction Home Signal – available in October
TT8048 Junction Distant Signal – available in October
TT8042 Isolating Fishplates – available now

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