Hornby Partners with Trainmaster

05 July 2023
Hornby and Trainmaster join forces in a bid to captivate young minds and create extraordinary experiences for children.

Hornby, has revealed a new partnership with Trainmaster, a children's train-themed entertainment provider. Founded in 2018 by Chloe Cotton, a former secondary school English teacher, Trainmaster quickly established itself as a beloved franchise that catered to families seeking immersive train-themed entertainment.

Today, Trainmaster operates in 25 counties across the UK, through its extensive network of franchises. Recently, it has now integrated Hornby’s Playtrains products, a popular range of products amongst young children from ages 3+, into its events and parties nationwide.

Children will have the opportunity to see and interact with Playtrains in person, immersing themselves in the exciting world of model railways.

Hornby Playtrains Trainmaster

Example of a local event hosted by Trainmaster, with track laid out for young children.

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Hornby commented: "Hornby is proud to supply its exceptional range to Trainmaster, encouraging young minds to explore the endless possibilities of creating their own captivating Playtrains world.

Looking ahead, Hornby and Trainmaster are excited to work together on a host of future events and collaborations. Through this partnership, [we] will combine [our] passion for trains, creativity, and innovation to bring joy and excitement to children across the nation."

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To begin the partnership, Hornby and Trainmaster will be attending the upcoming Gloworm Festival, held at Thoresby Park in Nottinghamshire. The collaboration is promising to "provide festival attendees with an unforgettable experience, bringing together the expertise of both companies to provide entertainment and inspire all who participate".



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