Hornby: HM DCC Demo and Q&A

29 March 2023
Manufacturer hosts special Signal Box and TT Talk, while demonstrating its new HM DCC app.

Hornby's Hammant and Morgan (HM) DCC developers answer questions and demonstrate its new system during a Q&A session. Watch the video, below:

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Not a very structured presentation, incoherent comments as some voices not close to the microphone, very ad hoc. Suggest a simple from scratch explaination of of how it works, powers and connects to existing models and kit you may have. A full Q&A list would be helpful and and query contact line is needed.

Posted by Mel Speight on Tue 04 Apr 17:27:40

Well the boffins have taken over,as a big buyer and user of Hornby the news of the end of TTS was to me so sad,i am 76, so i was a very good modeller a member of the P4 finescale,to some this may be the future,to me its all too much,overnight it looks like Hornby have turned there back on all that as gone before,so i am buying as many TTS before they are gone.improving all i have now,i am sorry but its a step too far.i am very happy with the present set up.Personally this will backfire in sales of Hornby i think, let people get this new system if they want,but do not turn your back on all we older who have supported you,!

Posted by Eric Holmes on Sat 01 Apr 13:22:05