Hornby Hampers launched for Christmas

02 November 2020
If you are looking for a present to launch a young modellers hobby, the latest bundles from Hornby might be just the thing for under the tree.

Based on the popular "Family Fun Project", the main Hamper includes a locomotive, coaches, wagons, track, controller and scenic accessories - enough to build a model railway. All the modeller has to do is add a baseboard.

New for Christmas, the set includes a J15 tender engine in place of the 0-4-0 tank. One wagon and a brake van have been replaced with a pair of bogie coaches.

If bought separately, the contents would cost £444 and the price for the set is only £254.99

To add to the collection, an add-on pack containing a loco, two coaches and a pair of wagons is available separately for £129.99

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BRM took one of the original Family Fun Projects, built it and then made a few simple enhancements.

If you would like to know more and perhaps be inspired to build your own model, the full details are online here.



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