Hornby enters TT market – the new range

10 October 2022
Largest single investment in new tooling by a manufacturer for years as locomotives, rolling stock, track and accessory range for 1:120 scale is unveiled.

In what represents one of the most significant investments in model railway tooling by a British model railway manufacturer in a new range announcement for years, Hornby has shared its plans to enter the British TT market. Already exposed to the continental TT market through its Arnold TT range of products, Hornby's goal is to make 1:120 true-to-scale models mainstream in the UK, sitting neatly between the most-popular scales of 'N' and 'OO'.

The new range comprises eight new locomotive toolings in different guises, more than 70 new items of rolling stock, a track range, model buildings, accessories, and plans to further expand. With development of models already at an advanced stage thanks to its hiring of further product development and design staff – working in addition to its Hornby main range personnel – we were invited last month to its Margate headquarters for a preview and presentation of its range. Numerous items could be seen, from early 3D-printed models, to engineering prototypes, and for those soon to arrive, decorated samples. Meanwhile, its track range was tooled and manufactured, stored in its warehouse. Samples of its forthcoming products that were photographed on the day can be viewed here.

Hornby's TT range is to be offered as direct-sales only, meaning that products will be available to purchase via its website only, rather than being available in model shops. The manufacturer is keen to build up a relationship with buyers of its new products, enabling it to react more quickly to sales or trends, though hasn't ruled out that its TT range would be retailed through more conventional independent model shops in the future.

The new range is to be released in phases, the first planned to arrive ahead of Christmas 2022. Locomotives are designed DCC-ready, with a Next18 DCC interface.

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Discounts across all new products in the TT:120 range are to offered as an incentive to members of its newly-formed TT:120 club, too, aiming to bring together like-minded modellers of the same scale, while facilitating communication with its core market. The manufacturer is to offer TT:120 club members a 15% discount off its standard TT:120 lines, and 20% off its special promotional lines, while producing a 32-page club magazine featuring tips, articles and guides. From February 1, 2023, a £30 TT:120 Club membership fee will apply. Further details of the benefits of membership such as free access to the Hornby visitor centre can be found on its website.

Hornby TT:120 – what is being manufactured?

Train sets

Hornby TT:120 train set

  • The Scotsman train set (with and without sound)
  • The Easterner train set
  • The Scotsman Digital train set
  • HST train set
  • British Pullman train set (with and without sound)
  • LNER East Coast Mainline HST train set

Locomotives (diesel-electric)

Hornby TT:120 Class 08 locomotive

  • Class 08 0-6-0 08489 BR blue (era 7)
  • Class 08 0-6-0 08623 DB Schenker (era 10)
  • Class 43 HST Train Pack (era 7)
  • Class 43 HST Train Pack Intercity Executive (era 8)
  • Class 43 HST Train Pack GWR (era 11)
  • Class 50 Co-Co 50040 Leviathan (era 7) (with and without sound)
  • Class 50 Co-Co 50007 Sir Edward Elgar (era 8) (with and without sound)
  • Class 50 Co-Co  50007 Hercules/Warspite (era 11) (with and without sound)
  • Class 66 Co-Co 66847 Colas Rail (era 10) (with and without sound)
  • Class 66 Co-Co 66097 DB Schenker (era 11)
  • Class 66 Co-Co 66779 Evening Star GBRf (era 11)
  • Class 66 Co-Co 66850 David Maidment OBE Colas Rail (era 11)
  • Class 66 Co-Co 66789 British Rail 1948-1997 GBRf (era 11)

Further planned releases include a Class 31, 37, 47, 60, 67, Class 800, and Class 73.

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Locomotives (steam)Hornby TT:120 A3 locomotive

  • LNER Class A1 4-6-2 4472 Flying Scotsman (era 3)
  • BR Class A3 4-6-2 60078 Night Hawk (era 4)
  • BR Class A3 4-6-2 60084 Trigo (era 5)
  • LNER Class A4 4-6-2 4468 Mallard (era 3)
  • BR Class A4 4-6-2 60016 Silver King (era 4)
  • BR Class A4 4-6-2 60025 Falcon (era 4)
  • LMS Princess Coronation 4-6-2 6231 Duchess of Atholl (era 3) (with and without sound)
  • BR Princess Coronation 4-6-2 46232 Duchess of Montrose (era 4) (with and without sound)
  • BR (late) Princess Coronation 4-6-2 46234 Duchess of Abercorn (era 5) (with and without sound)

Rolling stock

Hornby TT:120 LMS coaches

  • LMS 57ft corridor first 1062 (era 3)
  • LMS 57ft corridor third 1716 (era 3)
  • LMS 57ft corridor third 1573 (era 3)
  • LMS 57ft brake third 5619 (era 3)
  • LMS 57ft brake third 5832 (era 3)
  • LMS 50ft passenger brake 31236 (era 3)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft corridor first M1063M (era 4)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft corridor third M2001M (era 4)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft corridor third M1842M (era 4)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft brake third M5769M (era 4)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft brake third M5598M (era 4)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 50ft passenger brake M31040M (era 4)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft corridor first M1040M (era 5)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft corridor third M1832M (era 5)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft corridor third M1883M (era 5)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft brake third M5842M (era 5)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 57ft brake third M5629M (era 5)
  • BR (ex-LMS) 50ft passenger brake M31040M (era 5)
  • BR Mk. 1 Corridor Composite (different numbers available)
  • BR Mk. 1 BCK (different numbers available)
  • Pullman FK Octavia, Plato, Zenobia with lights (era 3)
  • Pullman Third Class Brake No. 65, No. 162 with lights (era 3)
  • Seven-plank wagon (different numbers/liveries available)
  • LNER/BR vent van (different numbers/liveries available)
  • 12T tank wagon (different numbers/liveries available)
  • LNER Dia. 034 'Toad B' brake van (era 3)
  • BR Dia. 064 'Toad E' brake van (era 4)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2E TSO 5784 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2E FO 3234 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2E BSO 9504 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2E TSO 5889 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2E FO 3237 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2E BSO 9502 (era 8)
  • BR Mk. 2F TSO E5911 (era 7)
  • BR Mk. 2F FO M3374 (era 7)
  • BR Mk. 2F BSO M9519 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2F TSO M6011 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2F FO M3345 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 2F BSO M9534 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TSO E42139 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TSO E42140 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TSO E42141 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TGS E44048 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TF E41071 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TF E40172 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 RB E40728 (era 7)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TSO 42199 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TSO 42198 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TSO 42197 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TGS 44063 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TF 41099 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 TF 41100 (era 8)
  • BR Intercity Mk. 3 RB 40711 (era 8)
  • BR GWR Mk. 3 TSO 42301 (era 11)
  • BR GWR Mk. 3 TSO 42299 (era 11)
  • BR GWR Mk. 3 TSO 42351 (era 11)
  • BR GWR Mk. 3 TSO 42300 (era 11)
  • BR GWR Mk. 3 TF 41146 (era 11)
  • BR GWR Mk. 3 TGS 44040 (era 11)
  • BR GWR Mk. 3 Buffet 40715 (era 11)
  • HAA hopper BR Railfreight (era 8) (different numbers available)
  • HAA hopper BR coal sector (era 8) (different numbers available)
  • 21T mineral wagon (eras 4-6) (different numbers available)
  • TTA tank wagon (different numbers/liveries available)


Hornby TT:120 track

  • Uncoupler ramp
  • Quarter curve first radius 
  • Half straight track
  • Half curve in first, second, third and fourth radius
  • Diamond crossing in L/H and R/H
  • Curve in first, second, third, fourth and sixth radius
  • L/H and R/H point
  • Buffer stop
  • Quarter straight track
  • Straight track
  • Power connecting track
  • Locomotive and rolling stock railer 
  • Power connecting clip
  • Digital power connecting clip
  • Digital power connecting track
  • Fishplate pack


Hornby TT:120 building

  • Footbridge
  • S&C Dent station
  • S&C Waiting room
  • S&C signal box
  • Water tower
  • Engine shed
  • Goods shed
  • Straight platform
  • Platform ramp
  • Small church
  • Mason's Arms
  • 1930s-style bungalow
  • Blinkbonny house
  • Terraced house
  • Fornbes Menswear
  • Patience the Jewellers

For pricing and availability of the above products, visit the Hornby website.


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I’ve been a fan of TT for a few years now and enjoyed building three layouts during lockdown. If the range expands I’m considering selling off a lot of my 00 stock and replacing with new TT. Lovely scale work with Just a bit frustrating up till now due to the coarseness of Triang models so really looking forward to my order of the class 08 to start with.

Posted by David Hughes on Fri 06 Jan 19:38:35

Should this not be "Re-Investing in British TT", after all it was Margate via Tri-ang Trains who later became Hornby Tri-ang and eventually Hornby Trains, who brought British TT to us in the first place in the 1950s, long before anyone at World of Railways was born. I started my railway modelling with Tri-ang TT in the mid 60s and converted to N in its infancy with Minitrix, later Hornby Minitrix. Like others of my vintage, it is too late for me to change back to TT, but let us hope that it succeeds where the original TT didn't make it.

Posted by David Greig on Mon 10 Oct 16:57:48

Wow. What a great investment in our hobby. Well done Hornby. It looks like this TT scale may take over from OO and N gauge for a lot of modellers. Unfortunately, due to my large collection of stock, I think I've missed out.

Posted by Peter Little on Mon 10 Oct 12:09:22