Hornby Class 60 arrives in Cappagh livery

09 December 2021
The ever-popular Co-Co heavyweight model arrives in one of the recent liveries of a family-owned contracting company.

Hornby's Class 60 has arrived with stockists in a new livery. Carrying the all-over blue livery of the Cappagh group of companies with logo, as applied to DCRail-owned 60028, the model is suitable for the 2019-present era.

The locomotive is fitted with an eight-pin DCC interface, allowing a wide choice of sound (and non-sound) decoders. Its 591g weight remains very useful, and combined with all-wheel drive, the model would make short work of hauling a prototypical length rake of bogie wagons.

Detail around the model remains strong, highlights being the compressor equipment underneath the chassis, while interior cab detail, and through bodyshell grille detail is excellent.

Livery application has been carried out to a high standard, warning labels not having been overlooked around the lower bodyshell, while the large logo is sharp and offers punch against the dark blue – not as easy as it sounds with white lettering. Bogie pipework and steps aren't picked out in white as per the prototype, nor some of the interior equipment visible through the bodyside grille, but the keen modeller can paint these, if desired.

Included with the model is an accessory pack, containing bufferbeam cowlings, dummy screw-link couplings and air pipes, with tension-lock coupings to install in the NEM sockets, if desired.

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The tooling for this model remains to a high standard, and with DB Schenker having freed up class members, and with the growing trend of reliveries reflecting company partnerships, it's likely we'll see further liveries applied to this locomotive over coming years.

For further details on this model, including current pricing and availability, visit the Hornby website, or see your local stockist.


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