Hornby Class 423 – samples unveiled

03 February 2022
Promising major changes from its original model released in 2011, photographs of its revised model emerge.

Hornby has shared images of working engineering prototypes of its forthcoming Class 423 VEP models.

Its previously-released Class 423 for OO gauge received mixed reviews when released in 2011 for its running, internal electronics and coupling of the units together. Assembly problems with the drive mechanism were cited too, with areas such as the 1st Class compartment windows not being moulded, in addition to the drive ends of the unit not being accurate.

Hornby VEP

Hornby’s new model will feature a coupling mechanism which not only links vehicles together, but carries power contact strips, redesigned to function more efficiently, while being simpler to use. A further benefit of the revised coupling is that vehicles are now much closer together.

Hornby VEP

Interior detail will please fans looking to install passengers.

Further moulding improvements include enlarged roof vents, as per the prototype and retooled cab fronts with re-designed front windows. The cab fronts now feature much finer windscreen wipers, re-visited jumper cables, and improved corridor connections in revised positions.

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Hornby VEP

Close coupling through a new connection decreases daylight between corridor connections, increasing realism.

In-line with many of the future releases of the Hornby diesel and electric models, its new VEP will include a 21-pin decoder socket. Further detail improvements includes the creation of the First Class compartment corridor windows.

Hornby VEP

Revised front end looks more believable, thanks to extensive research and re-tooling.

The first of its Class 423 units to arrive later this year will be in Southern livery, with those in South West Trains colours closely following suit. For current pricing, see the Hornby website or your local stockist.


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