Hornby accessories arrive with retailers

11 February 2022
New shipping containers and a track rubber arrive from the manufacturer, both versatile accessories for layouts.

Hornby's latest consignment of models (to appear on WOR soon) contained accessories, too. New for the range and compatible with its KFA wagon is its container pack (R60043). Containing a 20ft container in MSC livery and a 40ft container in Fesco livery, the combination of both is ideal for adding to wagons, a container yard, as a lorry road, or placed adjacent to a building for storage.

Hornby containers

Both containers are injection-moulded in plastic with detail executed to a high standard. Container securing holes are correctly see-through, while the 20ft container features forklift slots underneath. Livery application on both is authentic, with data panels, and container numbers and logos carried out to a high standard. The white of the Fesco logo in particular has a good level of impact over the dark blue.

Securing bars are applied as separate components, a detail which becomes obvious when looking at the container numbers which run correctly behind these. Running a rule across both containers, lengths are 160mm for the 40ft container and 80mm for the 20ft container, making them true-to-scale for 4mm:1ft.

Hornby R8087 track rubber

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Its (R8087) track rubber is an essential for layout maintenance, measuring 58mm in length. Its low-abrasive qualities keep rail surfaces clean without scratching too deep into the rail, which makes it more prone to accumulate dirt.

For more details, current pricing and availability of these accessories, visit the Hornby website, or see your local stockist.




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