Hillman vehicles immortalised in 2mm:1ft scale

26 September 2023
Transition-era 3D-printed road vehicles created by N'Tastic Scale Models, with promises of more to come.

N'Tastic Scale Models has revealed a new series of 3D-printed static road vehicles for 2mm:1ft scale/N gauge. Supplied unpainted, the vehicles share similar characteristics, being based around the 1965 'Hillman Imp' platform, with three variants released, and available to purchase from its website at £7.45 each, as follows:

  • 1965 - Hillman Super Imp, including Police version
  • 1965 - Hillman Imp Californian
  • 1965 - Hillman Imp Van, including AA Van with roof sign

Hillman Imp vehicle lineup

A line-up of the Hillman Imp vehicles available to purchase from N'Tastic Scale Models.

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A Leyland Pump Ladder is also promised to join its 2mm:1ft scale range from October, CAD imagery of which has been shared. Based on the 1987 Leyland Freighter (Pump Ladder FE), the model is expected to retail at £11.95.1987 Leyland FE pump ladder N'tastic Models

CAD image of forthcoming 1987 Leyland FE pump ladder from N'Tastic Models.

Richard Dallimore, proprietor of the small supplier, and of Copper Mine Miniatures, commented, "The Leyland Pump Ladder has been done as our first commission kit as a customer wanted that particular vehicle. We have other commissions in the pipeline and have capacity for more."

To view the full range of vehicles from N'Tastic Scale Models, visit its website.


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