Heljan's 'Peaks' enter production

22 July 2022
Manufacturing commences on new OO gauge Class 45s, with models expected to reach UK shops in October, 2022.

Heljan's Class 45 'Peaks' have entered production, with many detail options covering different variants of the popular BR/Sulzer Type 4. Attention to detail variations is such that models can almost be tailored down to individual locomotives, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of the past. This includes the first accurately detailed depiction of the ETH-fitted Class 45/1 sub-class, five nose-end arrangements (with more planned) and more, including...

  • Steam heat, boiler isolated and ETH variants with accurate roof and bodyside details
  • Split-centre, sealed beam and sealed beam with high-intensity headlight nose ends (plus early split headcode variant available exclusively from TMC)
  • Vacuum or dual-braked options
  • Extensive bogie and underframe detail, including optional inner end sandboxes
  • Bodyside grille/plate arrangement tailored to individual locomotives
  • Accurate No. 2 end roof design for steam heat or ETH locomotives
  • Fine etched boiler step and grille covers
  • ETH equipment on bufferbeams (Class 45/1)
  • Etched boiler tank filler hatch covers
  • Super-fine pipework and under-body detail
  • Fine etched metal wipers
  • Highly detailed and decorated cab interiors

Heljan Class 45 OO gauge

Heljan's new Class 45s also feature:

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  • DCC Ready with 21-pin decoder interface
  • Separately controlled cab lighting with magnetic 'wand' device suitable for DC and DCC use
  • Separately controlled LED tail lights
  • Directional LED headcode panel, marker light and HI headlights
  • Plenty of internal space for DCC sound and a speaker
  • Six-axle drive with 'floating' internal bogie units for smooth riding and heavy haulage power
  • Central five-pole motor with flywheels
  • Sprung buffers
  • NEM couplers
  • Pack of optional detail parts
  • Comprehensive user manual

Models are to be priced at £169.00 each with weathered editions at £179.00. Several retailer exclusives will be available from TMC, Kernow Model Rail Centre, Rails of Sheffield and Olivia's Trains.

Heljan Class 45

Models for general release through Heljan stockists are as follows:

  • (45100) BR green D31
  • (45101) BR green D57 with small yellow panels
  • (45104) BR blue 64 Coldstream Guardsman (full yellow ends)
  • (45300) BR blue 45003 (sealed beam ends)
  • (45304) BR blue 45033 Sirius (sealed beam ends/Tinsley unofficial names) WEATHERED
  • (45402) BR blue 45133 (sealed beam ends)
  • (45501) BR 'railtour' green 45106 with sealed beam ends, Tinsley diamond plaques and high-intensity headlight
  • (45502) BR blue 45118 (sealed beam ends, orange cantrail stripes and high-intensity headlight)

For availability, see your local Heljan stockist. 


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