Heljan unveils Class 104 DMU project 'in progress' and further Class 33s for 'OO'

07 November 2020
Highlighting that design work is underway, the manufacturer reveals its latest 4mm:1ft scale project, while promising a second batch of its headlight-fitted Class 33/0s for 2021.

Design work is said to be underway on Heljan’s next RTR project – a BR Class 104 DMU for OO gauge. CAD work is reportedly in progress and images are to be released as soon as design work is complete. Model are to be released in BR liveries covering the life of the class from 1957 until retirement of the final sets in 1993.

Proposed models are:

  • 1450: BR early green three-car with Lion & Wheel emblem M50422+M59134+M50426
  • 1451: BR green three-car with speed whiskers & Coaching Stock roundel M50478+M59186+M50530
  • 1452: BR green two-car E50598+E56189 (small yellow panels)
  • 1453: BR blue three-car M50436+M59141+M50488 (full yellow ends/headcode panel)
  • 1454: BR blue with ‘Blackpool’ white stripe M50472+M59180+M50524
  • 1455: BR blue M53421+M53529 with NSE flash/white cab roof (Weathered)
  • 1456: ScotRail ‘Mexican Bean’ red/white SC53424+SC53434
  • 1457: BR blue/grey ‘BX487’ M53424+M59207+M53434
  • 1458: Revised Network SouthEast ‘L701’ 53437+53479

The new OO gauge Class 104 is said to feature a low-profile mechanism powering one car per set, switchable interior and exterior lighting features, a 21-pin DCC decoder interface and provision for DCC sound. Options for factory-fitted DCC sound on all models are being investigated and will be announced separately.

External features will include authentic detail variations appropriate to period and livery, a highly-detailed interior and underframe, separate handrails and sprung buffers. Nine versions have been selected for general release in the first batch, covering a cross-section of BR green, blue and sectorisation era liveries.


With 302 vehicles built to six different car types, by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. for the London Midland and North Eastern Regions, the ‘104s’ are the largest group of BR diesel railcars not currently available in ready-to-run form. The only previous RTR model was produced for ‘TT’ gauge in the late-1950s.


Although synonymous with the Manchester area and the routes to Buxton and Blackpool, the units worked across a wide area of northern England and the Midlands and towards the end of their career ventured further afield to Scotland and the south-east of England.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed...

Class 33/0s


In other news, the manufacturer is working on a new batch of OO gauge Class 33/0 diesel locomotives for release in 2021. Its most recent batch of headlight-fitted models proving popular with buyers.

Models are promised to feature a high-performance motor/flywheel chassis, LED headlights and marker lights and an eight-pin DCC decoder interface. As per its previous batch, the specification includes sprung buffers, wire handrails, etched grilles, separately fitted windscreen wipers, bogie and bufferbeam details.

Seven versions have been selected for general release, covering a cross-section of BR and privatisation era liveries:

Heljan Class 33

(3458) Civil Engineers grey/yellow 33025 (Weathered)


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Heljan Class 33

(3462) BR green D6508 'Eastleigh' with small yellow panels


Heljan Class 33

(3463) BR blue 33023 (grey roof/orange cantrail line) (Weathered)


Heljan Class 33

(3464) Fragonset black 33021 'Eastleigh'


Heljan Class 33

(3465) West Coast Railways red 33025


Heljan Class 33

(3459) DRS blue 33029

A further version is also being prepared for Olivia’s Trains in Sheffield. See its website for more information.

For updates, current pricing and availability of these products, see your local Heljan stockist.



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