Heljan shows Class 07 decorated samples

07 October 2021
Ahead of the next batch of the popular 0-6-0 diesel shunter, Heljan has released photos of the decorated samples.

This little Ruston & Hornsby 0-6-0DE has been the subject of two previous production runs since 2018, but demand continues to be strong for BR, industrial and preserved versions.

The new batch, for early-2022 release, includes representatives of all three sectors, plus a British Army green locomotive inspired by the similar Ruston-built locomotives used on internal railways such as the Bicester Military Railway.

Please note V1 models are vacuum braked 'as built' locomotives. V2 models feature high-level air pipes and compressor compartments.

Seven versions are in preparation with a Suggested Retail Price of £179 each (£189 weathered editions).

Class 07 Models

#2912 V2 Peakstone yellow (07001) RERUN

#2917 V2 BR blue 2987

#2918 V2 BR blue 07011 (weathered)

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#2919 V2 BR blue 07013 (white cab roof)

#2935 V1 BR green D2994 (weathered)

#2936 V1 BR blue 07012

#2937 V1 BR green D2998

#2938 V1 ARMY olive green 423

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