Heljan reveals new model and re-releases in 2021 catalogue

11 December 2020
The manufacturer reveals plans for an O gauge LMS 50ft inspection saloon in its new year model catalogue.

Heljan's 2021 new model range catalogue is on-sale via its network of retailers. Highlighted inside are re-runs of its previously unavailable items, with new liveries and a previously unannounced model for O gauge – an LMS 50ft inspection saloon.

In development for release in 2022 with prices yet to be confirmed, Heljan has said the model will feature DCC-controlled interior lighting, detailed saloons and LMS or B4 bogies, dependent on era/livery. No fewer than 12 liveries are planned, spanning the LMS, BR and Privatisation eras. An ideal single vehicle train for layouts of all sizes, it will complement the range of locomotives available from Heljan.

Heljan LMS 50ft inspection saloon

Also confirmed is a re-run of its OO gauge Cargowaggon IWB bogie van in both standard and new liveries – including Colas/Tarmac and Blue Circle Cement. In response to customer demand, it will be joined in 2021 by a new run of the OO gauge IGA bogie flat in Cargowaggon, Corus Rail and, for the first time, RailAdventure livery – the last-mentioned offered as a twin pack with authentic concrete ballast weights to complement the IWB barrier wagon pack released earlier this year.

Extra versions of the new LNER ‘O2’ 2-8-0 have been included in the production run now in preparation, adding further combinations of the GNR/LNER cabs and tenders, livery variations and two weathered BR editions.


GNR/LNER ‘O2’ 2-8-0 OO gauge

3900: LNER lined black O2/2 No. 3501 (GN cab/tender)

NEW 3901: BR late crest black O2/2 No. 63937 (GN cab/LNER flush-sided tender) WEATHERED

3902: BR early emblem black O2/2 No. 63933 (GN cab/tender)

3903: BR late crest black O2/2 No. 63940 (GN cab/tender)

NEW 3904 BRITISH RAILWAYS black O2/2 No. 63938 (GN cab/tender)

3930: GNR lined grey O2/1 No. 477 (GN high cab/tender)

3931: LNER black O2/1 No. 3481 (GN high cab/tender)

NEW 3932: LNER post-war black O2/1 No. 3481 (LNER cab/GN tender)

NEW 3934: BR late crest black O2/1 No. 63923 (LNER cab/LNER stepped side tender) 

3940: LNER wartime black O2/4 No. 3479 (LNER cab/GN tender)

NEW 3941: BR early emblem black O2/4 No. 63924 (LNER cab/GN tender) WEATHERED

3942: BR early emblem black O2/4 No. 63945 (LNER cab/GN tender)

3943: BR late crest black O2/4 No. 63932 (LNER cab/GN tender)


NEW Ruston 165DE 0-6-0 industrial shunter OO gauge

9770: Industrial yellow

9771: NCB dark green No.45


NEW BR/Yorkshire Engine Co. Class 02 0-4-0DH OO gauge

2840: BR green D2861 (red bufferbeam)

2841: BR green D2864 (yellow bufferbeam)

2844: BR green 02004 (no BR logo) WEATHERED

2847: Industrial yellow with wasp stripes

2850: Industrial green ‘SAM’ (ex-D2868)


Cargowaggon IWB bogie van – new versions OO gauge

Heljan bogie van OO gauge

5022: Colas/Tarmac grey

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5023: Colas/Tarmac grey (alt number)

5024: Blue Circle Cement yellow

5025: Blue Circle Cement yellow WEATHERED

5026: Silver/blue

5027: CARGOWAGGON slate blue

5028: CARGOWAGGON silver/blue (new number)

5029: CARGOWAGGON silver/blue (new number) WEATHERED


Cargowaggon IGA bogie flat – new versions OO gauge

Heljan bogie flat OO gauge

5105: Corus Rail blue

5109: CARGOWAGGON blue (new number)

5110: CARGOWAGGON blue (alt number)


5112: CARGOWAGGON blue (with pipe load)

5113: CARGOWAGGON blue (with pipe load) WEATHERED

5114: CARGOWAGGON blue (with timber load) WEATHERED

5115: RailAdventure grey barrier wagon twin pack with concrete panel weights*



LMS 50ft Inspection Saloon O gauge

9100: LMS lined crimson (black ends)

9101: BR crimson/cream (black ends)

9102: BR lined maroon (black ends)

9103: BR Blue (full yellow ends)

9104: BR blue/grey (full yellow ends)

9105: InterCity ‘Swift’ (yellow ends)

9106: ScotRail DM45020 (B4 bogies)

9107: LMS Crimson DM45026 (yellow ends)

9108: Loadhaul black/orange

9109: EWS red/gold

9110: Regional Railways

9111: BR crimson/cream (yellow ends)


Details of these new items have been circulated to Heljan UK stockists and will be available to pre-order shortly. For current pricing and availability, see your local Heljan stockist or visit its website.



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