Heljan releases Class 47 update

19 December 2019
The Danish manufacturer has released first images of its long-awaited O gauge Class 47, which replaces the first version launched more than a decade ago.

This first sample is far from being the finished article, with a number of improvements set to be made before production starts (not least the radio aerial, which has been mangled on this sample).


The model shown is Version 3b, a later locomotive with HI headlight, ETH equipment and with the boiler tanks removed. Version 2 will cover the 1960s/70s locomotive with glazed headcode panels and steam heating boilers, meanwhile Version 3a is a later no-heat variant with headlights.

Heljan Class 47


Details of the types and liveries due for release are shown below. Heljan expects to release these models in late-2020.

Version 2 – 1960s/70s

4850: BR two-tone green (small yellow panel)

4851: BR two-tone green (full yellow end)

4852: BR blue (full yellow end)

Version 3 – 1980s/90s

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4860: BR blue (full yellow end)

4861: BR large logo blue

4862: Railfreight ‘Red Stripe’ grey

4863: Railfreight sector three-tone grey

4864: BR engineers grey/yellow

4865: BR Parcels Sector red/grey

4866: InterCity Executive

4867: Network SouthEast

Heljan Class 47


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