Heljan Class 33/1 exclusives for KMRC

03 February 2023
Retailer to gain model Class 33 duo, the prototypes of which hauled the Thames Tamar Express Railtour in 1977.

Kernow Model Rail Centre has unveiled two exclusive Heljan OO gauge Class 33/1 models for its stores and online webshop. 33104 and 33106 in BR blue livery, saw use on the Thames Tamar Express Railtour on April 16, 1977. The models in OO gauge are being produced for KMRC by Heljan. Both DCC-ready versions of the locomotives are available now, priced at £209.95 each.

Models are to feature Heljan's new updated chassis design, with a 21-pin DCC decoder socket, and LED lighting.

The Southern Region of British Rail ordered an eventual total of 110 Type 3 diesel locomotives from the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company (BRCW) of Smethick, Birmingham. Powered by a Sulzer eight cylinder engine of 1550 bhp, the main generator and the four traction motors were supplied by Crompton Parkinson, hence the nickname for the class.

KMRC Heljan 33106

All locomotives were delivered in standard BR locomotive green, most being repainted BR blue during the late 1960s and early 1970s. During 1967, 19 of the locomotives were fitted with push-pull equipment for use on the Bournemouth line becoming Class 33/1. The last 12 members of the class, delivered in 1962, designated 33/2 were 7in narrower to allow working through the restricted tunnels of the Hastings line.

KMRC's exclusive models represent 33104 (3372) and 33106 (3373) that entered traffic in July and August 1960 as D6516 and D6519 respectively. They were push-pull fitted during 1967 and were renumbered in BR blue livery as 33104 and 33106 in early 1974. Withdrawals took place in December 1985 and November 1990.

The models features detailed bodyshells and underframes with many separate components including handrails and the front pipework for push-pull operation. They are fitted with an eight-pin DCC decoder socket. The two models are in the condition, without the high intensity headlight, as used on the Thames Tamar Express Railtour on April 16, 1977.

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KMRC Heljan 33104

The Thames Tamar Express Railtour was organised by the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society. It ran as 1Z21 0847 London Waterloo to Carne Point and was formed with 33104 leading into Cornwall with Class 491 4-TC unit number 420 and 433 forming the passenger accommodation. Between these units was Mk. 1 RMB number S1872 which had special wiring to work with the TC units. Bringing up the rear was 33106.

Chris Trerise, Managing Director, said: “These Class 33/1 locos are ideal companions for our acclaimed Exclusive 4-TC units, as they worked together in usual service as well as the Thames Tamar Express Railtour, and will be also offered as value bundle packs comprising of one of these Class 33/1 plus a suitable livered 4-TC unit, so keep an eye on the website for details.”


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