Heljan announce the return of the O gauge Class 40

02 November 2019
Back by popular demand, Heljan's English Electric Type 4/Class 40 returns, but this time as the centre headcode variant, as seen on the last 55 members of the class (D345-399).

Design and tooling work was completed recently and the first running samples will be delivered to the UK for testing in early-November.

Five liveries will be available from mid-2020, covering the entire BR career of the class.

The models will feature a ‘DCC Friendly’ chassis, LED lighting, a heavy duty chassis with twin motors and flywheels and fine detail specific to these later-built EE Type 4s.

#4060 BR green 'as delivered' unnumbered

#4061 BR green (small yellow panels) unnumbered

#4062 BR green with full yellow ends unnumbered

#4063 BR blue with full yellow ends and headcode display unnumbered

#4064 BR blue 40155 with 'domino' headcodes

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Prices will be confirmed shortly.




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