Heljan announce O gauge Mk2/Mk2a coaches

23 April 2020
Back in November Heljan announced the models. Development work has proceeded rapidly over the last few weeks and the first CAD images are available.

Models will cover Brake Second Open (BSO), Brake First Corridor (BFK) and Tourist Second Open (TSO) variants in a wide range of authentic liveries covering all the major colour schemes carried by these popular BR passenger coaches.

The models have been designed to replicate either vacuum-braked Mk2 or air braked Mk2a vehicles, giving customers the option to tailor their models to suit their needs by fitting the appropriate underframe parts and sliding or folding gangway end doors.

Highly detailed interiors will also be a major feature of these models, with authentic early Mk2 seating, partitions and luggage racks on view. To showcase this, the models have been designed to accept an easy-fit interior lighting bar. Access to the interior for installing lighting and passengers couldn't be easier, as the roof will be held in place by magnets.

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The models will ride on the new B4 bogie, which will make its debut under a new batch of Mk1 coaches later this year. Both types will be ideal companions for many of our O gauge BR diesel locomotives, from Class 25s, 31s and 33s, to 37s, 40s, 47s, 50s, 52s and 55s.

Planned liveries:
BR blue/grey
ScotRail (TSO)
Network SouthEast
Regional Railways
Provincial Trans-Pennine
'Hebridean' green/cream (TSO/BSO)
West Coast Railways maroon (TSO)
BR blue/grey BSO(T) micro-buffet
DRS 'Compass' blue (BSO)
InterCity Executive (BFK)
Network Rail yellow (BFK)

More information on prices and delivery dates will be announced later this year.


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