Heljan adds 'FK' variant and liveries to O gauge Mk. 2s

05 June 2020
Mk2/Mk2a First Corridor (FK) variant and new livery options added to this new family of O gauge passenger coaches, expected to arrive in 2021.

Heljan has added the popular First Corridor (FK) variant to its forthcoming range of O gauge BR Mk2/Mk2a coaches, which are expected to be released in 2021. The all-First Class vehicles will join the Tourist Second Open (TSO), Brake Second Open (BSO) and Brake First Corridor (BFK) announced in late-2019, allowing O gauge modellers to create a wider and more representative range of BR Mk2/Mk2a trains.

Heljan Mk.2 BFK

Mk.2 BSO interior.

Design work for all four variants is now complete and tooling is underway with the first complete samples expected in the UK for review in the autumn. Heljan said "All four models feature superb interior and exterior detail and innovative design, allowing modellers to customise their vehicles to suit their exact requirements. Customer-fit underframe parts and end gangway doors will enable the models to be completed as vacuum-braked Mk2 or air-braked Mk2a vehicles." Instruction sheets are to be provided with guidance on which parts are required for each type, where to fit them and which liveries they carried.

Heljan Mk.2 BFK

Mk.2 BFK guards interior.

To make further interior detailing/painting easier, the models will feature removable roofs secured in place with magnets. Installing interior lighting will also be simple thanks to a new battery-powered LED lighting bar (to be sold separately), which will drop into the locating slots provided on the interior unit. Featuring a built-in motion sensor, the lights switch on when movement is detected and remain illuminated for two minutes when a train is stationary. Using standard coin batteries, these lighting bars are to provide an economical ‘fit-and-forget’ solution without the extra expense of DCC decoders or the additional weight and friction as with some lighting/pick-up systems.

Heljan Mk.2 TSO

Mk.2A TSO cut away.

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Other standard features on the new Mk2/Mk2a coaches include detailed interiors with separate seats, luggage racks, tables and guards van/office details, separate roof, end and underframe detail and new B4 bogies. First releases are expected in 2021. Lighting bars will be available to Heljan UK retailers shortly, too.

In response to feedback, the manufacturer has made alterations to its production plan and added several new liveries to those already announced. Some item numbers have changed, replacing those shown in the Heljan 2020 UK catalogue, as follows:


  • 2400 BR blue/grey unbranded
  • 2401 ScotRail
  • 2402 Network SouthEast light blue
  • 2403 Network SouthEast dark blue
  • 2404 Hebridean green/cream
  • 2405 Provincial Trans-Pennine
  • 2406 Regional Railways
  • 2407 West Coast Maroon


  • 2410 BR blue/grey unbranded
  • 2411 Network SouthEast light blue
  • 2412 Network SouthEast dark blue
  • 2413 Hebridean green/cream
  • 2414 Provincial Trans-Pennine
  • 2415 BR blue/grey with Micro-Buffet BSO(T)
  • 2416 DRS blue Escort Coach


  • 2420 BR blue/grey unbranded
  • 2421 Network SouthEast light blue
  • 2422 Network SouthEast dark blue
  • 2423 Regional Railways
  • 2424 InterCity Executive
  • 2425 Network Rail yellow


  • 2430 BR blue/grey unbranded
  • 2431 Network SouthEast light blue
  • 2432 Network SouthEast dark blue
  • 2433 Provincial Trans-Pennine
  • 2434 ScotRail
  • 2435 RTC red/blue Test Car 6
  • 2436 BR(S) green

For pricing, pre-ordering and availability, visit www.heljan.dk, or see your local Heljan stockist.


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