Hattons to produce modular baseboards

30 September 2020
A new range of precision laser-cut baseboards is to be sold by the Widnes-based model shop and online retailer from October.

Hattons has introduced a new line of precision laser-cut baseboards to its 'exclusive product' range. Designed in-house by the model retailer as a modular system, the boards are being created to offer "a solid and lasting base" for the layouts of new entrants and established modellers alike. Arriving in stock between late-October to early 2021, the retailer is aiming to provide a complete system, allowing boards and backscenes to be configured for various spaces.

Hattons modular baseboard

The lattice bracing ensures the weight of the boards is reduced. Available in MDF or ply.

The range covers modular baseboard tops, tapered legs, legs, shelves, backscenes, connectors and adjustable feet packs. The range is said to enable a baseboard to be built quickly and easily, using a trellis strengthening system to allow lightweight support allied with access to run cables.

The retailer is to initially offer a range of individual products as well as two packs, which include parts to build a 6ft x 4ft (1830mm x 1220mm) and 8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) baseboard. Tops, legs and inter-board fixings are included.

Hattons modular baseboard

Control panels are to be produced, too, using discreet allen head fixings.

The baseboard range is said to enable a baseboard to be created for any space or configuration. Board tops feature pre-cut fixing points and removable blanks for routing cables. Fixings are precision fit, with dowelled nuts and bolts which are common throughout the range allowing commonality of parts and ease of assembly. The wood is sustainably sourced, and customers can choose between high quality MDF or plywood construction – offering a good balance of weight and rigidity.

Hattons modular baseboard

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Adjustable feet are to be released, too.

No tools are required to build the board tops, just a small amount of PVA glue (provided), though a small hammer is required for fixing pins on legs. Pilot holes have been provided to make this simpler. All connections are made with the provided allen keys and easy-to-understand instructions are included.

Hattons modular baseboard

Boards piggy-back each other in a modular fashion to create larger layouts, if desired.

The boards are flat-packed in bespoke packaging making delivery safe and easy to handle, while corner supports strengthen the board tops and allow connection to the legs with no need for side fixings, leaving edges clean.

For more information, including pricing and availability, visit Hattons' website.

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nice to see hattons doing this look forward to seeing what they produce and the price.

Posted by DEREK NORTH on Fri 02 Oct 20:10:03