Hattons teases livery samples for second batch of 'Genesis' coaches

01 August 2023
Retailer reveals decorated samples for forthcoming four- and six-wheeled pre-Grouping coaches.

Hattons Model Railways has shared imagery of decorated samples of its second batch of pre-Grouping 'Genesis' coaches, expected to arrive in stock late-2023/early-2024. This second batch of models offers new liveries to modellers not previously available upon the first release of models.

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The retailer has stated that many of its livery variants have already sold-out on pre-orders, with limited quantities of the models remaining.

Hattons genesis coach batch 2

Hattons Originals (H4-6BT-1501B) six-wheel brake 3rd in NCB blue – one of 10 liveries planned for its second batch of models from the tooling.

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Project Genesis represents the trains of the Era 2 & 3 period and brings modellers coaches in liveries not normally seen in ready-to-run form. The range includes seven body styles between the four- and six-wheel coaches. The individual styling has been made to include the most common features from some of the most widespread and longest lasting coaches to help make them recognisable to customers.

Hattons commented, "We are very pleased with how these samples look and we're sure you will feel the same. We highly recommend that you place a pre-order as soon as possible to ensure your models are secured."

Further updates are expected from the retailer as models arrive in stock. 

Meanwhile, Hattons has suggested production of a third batch of coaches to become available after release of its second batch of coaches, though these are not currently available to pre-order. Currently proposed liveries are:

  • North Eastern Railway
  • Caledonian Railway
  • Metropolitan Railway
  • SDJR
  • Longmoor Military Railway
  • Further BR Departmental Examples

For pricing and availability, visit the Hattons website.


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