Hattons reveals first samples of 'Genesis' coaches

28 September 2020
The Widnes-based retailer invites us to examine features of its four- and six-wheeled pre-grouping coaches, suitable for modellers of the late-19th to mid-20th century.

Hattons has shared images of its first engineering samples for its exclusive 'Genesis' four and six-wheeled coaches. Keen to share an update with model collectors and the modelling community, the retailer has posted videos explaining key features while on test. Watch Hatton's overview video below.

Genesis 4 and 6 wheel coaches Hattons

The initial undecorated samples provide an indication of the levels of detail for which the manufacturer is striving.

Genesis 4 and 6 wheel coaches Hattons

The roof removed from one of its two-axle coaches. This is an unlit version – note the luggage rack above the seating.

Genesis 4 and 6 wheel coaches Hattons

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For coaches with lighting, discreet connections are provided in the corners of the coach. Note the miniature surface-mounted LEDs in the centre of the roofline.

Hattons is offering its new coaches, in different guises with subtle detail differences covering roof furniture and wheel types. For a complete list of its variants, visit its website.

The manufacturer has stated that the models are subject to change and are pending review. Delivery of its first batch of models is expected from Q2 2021.

Watch a video on the top five features of Hattons' new 'Genesis' coaches below:

For more details, including pricing and availability of the coaches, visit the manufacturer's website.


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