Hattons gives 'Genesis' project green light for tooling

18 August 2020
Designed to capture the spirit of late-Victorian coach design, the retailer has approved CAD drawings of its four- and six-wheeled models, following customer feedback, and reveals final artwork.

Hattons Model Railways new 'Genesis' four- and six-wheel coaches have been approved for tooling. The retailer had posted CAD images to our forum, RMweb, allowing prospective purchasers to provide feedback and better get to know the models.

Dapol project genesis four and six wheel coaches

At the beginning of the month, the retailer published images and complete CAD files for each of its vehicles to an online viewer for its customers to review. The software allows purchasers to rotate the 3D models and see them from any angle, without needing to download software.

Following feedback from customers, Dave Mylatt, Exclusive Commissions Manager at Hattons, commented "we were aware of a few artifacts on CAD images posted to RMweb. These won't be present on production samples. We're very greatful for the feedback received. With the models now at the tooling stage, we're on track for a delivery in Q1, 2021."

Dapol project genesis four and six wheel coaches

The retailer has begun to reveal final artwork for each livery, starting today with LB&SCR mahogany. Hatton's has stated it is to release artwork for further liveries over the course of the next month.

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The models boast an impressive specification, with six body styles, two detailed underframes, Mansell, three-hole and disc wheel types, and three types of roof furniture (oil or gas lamps, or, electric lights).

Lit and unlit versions of each coach are to be made available, with warm LEDs on lit versions. An 18-pin decoder socket in lit models will permit digital control, though lights are to be powered on when power is applied through the track for analogue users or on digital without a decoder. Coaches are to feature roof-mounted accessories, appropriate to the lighting type for each coach.

For further details, current pricing and information, visit the Hattons website.




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