Hattons announces 'Genesis' 4 & 6 wheel coaches in OO Gauge

08 October 2019
Project Genesis faithfully represents the trains of the Era 2 & 3 periods and brings modellers the opportunity to run a detailed train of coaches in liveries not normally seen in ready-to-run form.

In the mid to late 1800s, the many operating companies in the UK were producing their own versions of the 4 and 6 wheel coach, which introduced many features onto the railways - lighting, continuous braking and even upholstered seats for all passengers. This led to them being a very common sight.

Many designs consisted of only a handful of coaches, built to fill a specific need. These would also only wear the colours of the company they were built for. A good number were absorbed at the 1923 grouping and some found new leases of life on branches that were in need of simple stock to run on them. Some were taken into departmental stock or used by sheds and depots as simple stores vans and used until the 1950s.

Product Specification

  •     Lit and unlit options
  •     Lit versions have an 18 pin digital decoder socket
  •     Warm yellow LEDs used on lit versions
  •     6 different body toolings
  •     2 fully detailed underframe s
  •     Optional lower footboards
  •     Full brake rigging
  •     Fine detailing on panelling
  •     Painted interiors
  •     Optional semi-permanent coupling bar representing a coupling chain
  •     3 types of wheels (Mansell, 3 hole and disc)
  •     3 types of roof furniture (oil lamps, gas lamps, electric lights)
  •     Removable centre wheelset on 6 wheel coaches
  •     Sliding centre wheelset on 6 wheel coaches for tight curves
  •     Fully lined liveries to the original company specifications
  •     Unique running numbers between single coaches and packs
  •     Carefully selected running numbers to fit with companies numbering systems
  •     Packs of coaches to create an instant train
  •     RP25 wheel profile
  •     NEM pockets
  •     Minimum radius - Radius 2 (438mm)

Tooling Variations

  • 4-wheel chassis
  • 6-wheel chassis (features removable centre axle and replacement framing)
  • 4-wheel bodies (4 compartments, 5 compartments and brake)
  • 6-wheel bodies (4 compartment lavatory, 5 compartments and brake)
  • Coach ends (plain, footsteps, 4 wheel brake, 6 wheel brake)
  • Roof furniture (Oil lights, gas lights, electric lights)


 4 wheel

  • Body length - 105.2mm
  • Body width (over body, not handles) - 31.9mm
  • Wheelbase - 60mm

6 wheel

  • Body length - 129.2mm
  • Body width (over body, not handles) - 31.9 mm
  • Wheelbase - 42mm centres

 Coach Types

Using the above tooling variations Hattons are able to produce a range of coaches. These include:

  • BT - Brake, Third Class
  • T - Third Class
  • S - Second Class
  • F - First Class
  • C12 - Composite (First and Second class)
  • C13 - Composite (First and Third class)
  • C123 - Tri-composite (First, Second & Third class)
  • CL - Composite Lavatory


Batch 1

For the first batch, they are initially releasing 7 main liveries with a mixture of coach types between each livery. These will be available from Q1 2021.

  • GWR - Great Western Railway - ‘Chocolate and Cream’ livery with brown lining
  • GNR - Great Northern Railway - ‘Teak’ livery with yellow and blue lining
  • LNWR - London & North Western Railway - ‘Plum and spilt milk’ fully lined
  • SECR - South Eastern & Chatham Railway - ‘Crimson Lake’ lined
  • LMS - London Midland & Scottish Railway - ‘Midland style’ crimson
  • LNER - London North Eastern Railway - ‘Pre-war brown’
  • SR - Southern Railway - ‘Maunsell Olive Green’ with yellow lining
  • British Railways - Departmental


Batch 2

Hattons are also announcing plans for a second batch of coaches with further liveries which are not covered as part of Batch 1. These are available to pre-order but at this time do not have a confirmed release date. We will provide more information following the release of Batch 1 in Q1 2021.

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  • GCR - Great Central Railway brown and grey
  • GER - Great Eastern Railway chocolate
  • L&Y - Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway brown and tan
  • MR - Midland Railway crimson
  • LSWR - London & South Western Railway brown and tan
  • BR - British Railways crimson
  • NCB - National Coal Board blue

Batch 3

They will be producing a third batch of coaches which will be available following on from the release of the first two batches but are not currently available to pre-order. Currently proposed liveries are:

  • North Eastern Railway
  • Caledonian Railway
  • Metropolitan Railway
  • Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway
  • Longmoor Military Railway
  • Further BR Departmental examples


Coaches will be available as single items as well as packs of four. Coach numbers will be different between single coaches and those from packs.

Single unlit coach - £30

3 pack of unlit coaches - £85

4 pack of unlit coaches - £110


Single lit coach - £36

3 pack of lit coaches - £99

4 pack of lit coaches - £135



Delivery for Batch 1 will begin in Q1 2021.

Not all models will be available at the same time but all models within a specific livery will be released at the same time.

For full information on the project and to read more information visit www.hattons.co.uk/genesis


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