Hand crane breaks cover for 'N'

08 June 2022
The N Gauge Society is to produce Cowans Sheldon crane models of 6.5T and 10T variants, proposing 10 liveries.

The N Gauge Society has shown CAD images of a new model release, anticipated to arrive in 2023. The Society is to retail N gauge (1:148 scale) models of the Cowans Sheldon 6.5 and 10T hand crane, and plans to offer models in a number of liveries to span eras from 3 to 9. Tooling on the model has begun.

An initial proposed list of liveries is as follows:

  • Yellow with wasp stripes (era 8/9)
  • Yellow and grey with wasp stripes (era 7/8)
  • Grey/light grey with limited wasp stripes (era 6/7)
  • Light grey with wasp stripes (era 5/6)
  • Grey/bauxite (era 7)
  • SR grey (era 3)
  • BR grey (era 4/5)
  • LMS black (era 3)
  • BR black (era 4/5)
  • BR grey and black (era 6/7)

Models are to be detailed with fine moulding, etched detail, RP25 wheelsets, NEM coupling pockets and will have a poseable jib and rotating superstructure.

Owing to the wide variety of wagons used, many already existing in RTR and kit forms, the model is said to be offered without a match wagon, leaving the choice of this to the modeller.

A detailed survey of preserved ADM27 at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre has been undertaken, and a full set of Cowans Sheldon Works drawings has been obtained to assist in making the model as accurate as possible.

The CAD model for the crane has been approved and the following images illustrate the design:

Cowans Sheldon crane

10T crane with jacks, small counterweights, angled superstructure and split axleboxes.

Cowans Sheldon crane

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Cowans Sheldon crane

6.5T crane without jacks, large counterweight, straight superstructure and LMS axleboxes.

Cowans Sheldon crane

Cowans Sheldon crane

For further information, visit the N Gauge Society website.


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