Halling Modelle releases Viennese 'KSW'

15 December 2021
The Austrian manufacturer reveals a small batch of tram car models, as operated post-WWII in Vienna.

Halling Modelle has revealed images of its 3.5mm:1ft scale (1:87 scale) 'Heidelberger' models, as delivered to Vienna before the end of WWII. The 30 KSW units couldn't be put into operation until 1945, and initially retained a protective sand-coloured coating.

The manufacturer's small run of models represents one of the first KSW trams in typical Viennese red and white colour scheme from around 1949. Units are based on the KSW model from Stängl Modellbahnen, which Halling Modelle has equipped with new clear and finely-printed windows, interior fittings and a numerous fine details.

Models of the red and white KSWs represent its continuation of the KSW series. As with the models of the Munich KSW and the Stuttgart KSW, which are now sold out, fine accessories and additional printing has been added to the models.

Halling Modelle tram

While tram No. 20 was still documented without a number box on the roof, the current KSW with number 25 apparently never operated without it. It was also one of the few KSW that was operated in red and white Viennese livery, without a sand-colored protective coating.
The destination board was still attached to the right of a ventilation grille above the front windscreen, and the line / route was indicated above the cabs on a sign.

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Tram car numbers were written on the front with large golden shadow numbers, on the side the more modern Viennese coat of arms (white cross on a red background) and a small golden shadow number were used. The tram cars were mainly used on lines 52, 58 and 59.

Full details, including pricing and availability can be found on the Leopold Halling Modelle website.


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