Halling Modelle 2022 drivetrain catalogue – out now

31 August 2022
Following a year of innovation, the manufacturer's latest catalogue features updated power solutions for multiple scales.

Designed to be used under scratch-built models, or to upgrade existing models, Halling Modelle has paid attention to its 9mm gauge and coreless motor drives.

Austrian model manufacturer, Halling Modelle, best-known for its range of Continental European trams has released its latest drivetrain catalogue for download, via its website.

Its range of motor bogies, as used to propel its range of HOe (9mm gauge) range, is available separately, alongside a selection of products for 16.5mm gauge. 

The manufacturer commented, "The last year has brought a lot of innovation, new technologies and new models. As a result, the new 2022 Drive Technology Catalogue is packed with fresh ideas, tips and tricks that will allow you to take almost any power transmission project to the next level!"

Halling Modelle motor drives HOe

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A selection of its 16.5mm gauge motor drive units, designed to provide a hassle-free way of powering railcars, trams and other rolling stock. Motors are available, too.

Halling Modelle has attempted to bring greater clarity to its growing range in a bid to reduce confusion and incorrect orders. Its range of bogies is available to customise too, via separate upgrade items. Customers can select the required axle base and the desired gauge, check the specified standard wheel size, then choose larger or smaller solid or spoked wheels, and traction tyres, if required.

Find the new catalogue on the Halling Modelle website, or visit the manufacturer's web shop for further details.


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