Gravestones and buildings join Scale Model Scenery range

07 January 2022
The model railway scenic accessory specialist reveals new additions to its range of building kits and lineside accessories.

Scale Model Scenery has further expanded its range of scenic accessories for the railway modeller. Joining its building kit range this month is a Terraced House/Cottage kit (KX067-OO) and 20ft Portakabin (KX068-OO).

The laser-cut Terraced Cottage can be used on its own or as part of a terrace and is suggested to be the perfect accompaniment to its (KX066) OO Period Terraced Shop Kit. The kit is said to be "easy to assemble with the doors and windows being assembled from a series of layers, however, tweezers are recommended to handle some of the small parts."

The cottage building is assembled from laser-cut MDF components and has slot and tab construction. A choice of red brick and stone wraps in both left and right-hand configuration is provided, offering modellers the freedom of which side to site the front door and rear porch. Pre-weathered roof slates are included.

Its 20ft Portakabin kit is based on a typical 20ft design from the 1980s and 1990s, and is suitable for a variety of industrial and lineside scenes, from an office on a busy building site, to a mess room at a wagon repair depot, or the offices of a small secondhand car dealership.

scale model scenery buildings

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Also joining its range this month is a pack of 58 laser-cut and engraved 1:76 scale gravestones for detailing model graveyards and churchyards. The items are cut from 1mm greyboard with engraved detailing such as roses, scrolls, crosses and text. The items can be used straight from the pack or for best effects, painted and weathered with acrylic paints and weathering powders.

For further details on the new items, including current pricing, visit the Scale Model Scenery website.



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