Go on strike with ModelU's latest figures

18 July 2022
With rail strikes in the news, this latest 3D-scanned figure pack is timely and useful.

Containing five figures, available in any scale, this is the perfect set to deploy if technical problems stop your trains from working.

Four figures are holding placards while one regales us using a megaphone.

While the recent disputes inspired this set, the figures could be just as easily used on a 1970s layout, positioned outside car plants and railway stations or a few years later in front of a coal mine. They don't need to be strikers either, pretty much any sort of protest can be modelled.

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We're sure that readers will have great fun producing their own funny placards, if you model a demo, why not send us some photos? We've passed this set over to Phil to see what he can do with them.

For more details of these figures, visit the ModelU website.


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