GMRC layout 'Per Ardua Ad Astra' added to the Festival of British Railway Modelling lineup

05 November 2019
Team Grantham's amazing Swiss layout from the 5th heat of The Great Model Railway Challenge will be appearing at Peterborough next month.

Team Grantham are pleased to announce that full layout will be on display and working (as per the GMRC episode) in just under five weeks time (7th/8th December).

At least four members of the team will be there with the layout and pleased to chat to you about the series, and their layouts.

Take the chance to see the animated, Jodrell Bank inspired parabolic radio telescope that so impressed viewers of the show - or duck as the rocket takes off through the swimming pool on top of the mountain!

The only thing we can't promise are the yodelling and alpenhorn sound effects heard on TV, but then that's probably a good thing.

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