Glaskasten Modular display system enters UK market

25 November 2019
The German manufacturer introduces its easily expandable modular display case system to British modellers.

Glaskasten is a German manufacturer which produces display cabinets for models. The Glaskasten Module System is the only modular model train display system that can be extended in width and height without limits.

Glaskasten display case

In addition to its existing GK1 and GK1L display cases, it offers longer display cabinets, which consist of multiple modules which can be placed side-by-side. The GK1L display case base module can accommodate eight trains, each of around 1.2m in length. It can be extended by adding one or more modules, to create a display wall for longer trains.

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The GK2L consists of two GK1L modules side-by-side without an intermediate wall. This cabinet fits eight trains, measures approx. 2.4m long and is fitted with integrated LED lighting for each train. Glaskasten display cases are suitable for all H0, 00, H0e, H0m, TT and N scale models. For further information visit


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