Giving models a 'scrap yard' look

12 September 2023
Halden Yard shares custom RTR model transformation projects, with an emphasis on heavy weathering.

Halden Yard, a small supplier retailing its products via online platform Etsy has revealed new products. The retailer specialises in the heavy weathering of older RTR models, often in 4mm:1ft scale (OO), transforming them into static models with a scrap-yard appearance.

Locomotives, wagons and coaches and vehicles are listed, with an emphasis on items that could be found in scrapyards in the 20th century rather than the 21st.

Halden Yard Etsy store wagon locomotive engine

This weathered flat wagon with a locomotive power unit was listed for sale at £34.99. 

Proprietor, Ian Leaper said, "Over the years my technique using airbrush and powders has been refined to depict various stages of weathering, from heavy use to rusty wrecks, no two being the same as they are all individually hand-painted and unique.  As well as locomotives and rolling stock I occasionally list OO gauge and O gauge trackside items and OO gauge railway dioramas.

Halden Yard Etsy store locomotive

The end of steam era is well catered for, with a collection of static locomotives for sale during our site visit, including this LNER K3 2-6-0, listed at £34.99.

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"The scrapyard 'thing' began in 2002 having purchased a few non-running locomotives. Some were fixed, but others were beyond economical repair, and useful parts were removed and sold on leaving just the bodies and rolling chassis. These were rusted and successfully auctioned. That was the start of Rusty Rail as the company was then known, later changing to Halden Yard."

Halden Yard Etsy store coach burnt effect

A burnt-out effect was depicted on this Mk. 1 coach in BR blue, listed at £38.99.

Halden Yard's Etsy store currently shows approx. 140 railway items, but a large stock is said to yet be listed. A small number of N gauge items are listed, with plans to start O gauge items, too.

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