Gaugemaster to stock Kato GWR Class 800 for 'N'

27 November 2020
The retailer is to make available Kato's forthcoming Hitachi Class 800 AT300 bi-mode multiple unit to customers in the UK, plus offer the model in a starter set as part of the Gaugemaster Collection.

Gaugemaster is taking orders for the forthcoming Kato Class 800 IET model for 1:148 scale/N gauge, with deliveries expected in May, 2021. The retailer said, "we have worked hard with Kato to bring these train packs to market at a keen price and we invite your initial orders for these items".

Kato's model, announced at the Warley show in 2019 is to be made available in GWR and LNER liveries as a five-car train pack. Directional LED lighting and a coupler to enable models to operate in multiple will feature. Models are to be DCC ready, fitted with flywheel motors and wheels are said to feature prototypical disc-brakes, without traction tyres. Minimum curve radius is said to be designed for Kato R282 track. Each set features one power car.

Gaugemaster Kato Class 800

Indicated by an 'M', the location of the power car in each pack.

Models are available in LNER silver/red (K10-1674) or GWR green (K10-1671). Both models are to be made available as a starter set (GM2000103 in GWR green and GM2000104 in LNER silver/red) each supplied with a transformer and single oval of Kato Unitrack.

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Gaugemaster Kato Class 800

For current pricing and updates on the project, visit the Gaugemaster website.



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